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      About Us






    Founded in 1966,Shandong Road Construction Machinery Factory is an enterprise under the lead of the Highway Bureau of Shandong Provincial Department of Communications. We are mainly engaged in businesses such as production of road construction and maintenance machinery ,fabrication of bridge accessories, leasing of road machines, construction of highways, providing machining service and so on. The registered trademark of products is “LUXING”.
    Road Construction Machines include Vibratory Roller, Pneumatic Roller, Stabilized Soil Mixer, etc. In recent years ,we have successfully developed road maintenance equipment.
    Cold Recycle Machine for Asphalt road surfaces, may achieve the recycling of the old asphalt-concrete roads through milling-mix, breaking, and mix on site. Highly equipped, and based on high standards. During operation, moisture content (or asphalt content), working speed and milling-mix depth are under complete intelligent control, and the remote fault diagnose is realized. It can be used for the cold-recycling of all kinds of old asphalt-concrete roads including water stabilizing layer. The performance of this product is above imported products.
    Super Cold Recycle Machine is a kind of recycling equipment intended for thick water stabilizing layer which is difficult to break. With high efficiency for construction and the quality of milling-mix is favorable. It is suitable for the maintenance and reconstruction of high–grade highways.
    Breaker for Cement Road surfaces, adopting rubblization and breaking& rolling technology, is a kind of machine intended for the reconstructing of old cement concrete roads. PS360 type breaker is called “king of breaking” and the domestic market share of it is more than 65%.
    Resonance Crusher is the best machine intended for breaking old cement roads. By making use of resonance technology, this machine is with high efficiency and strong adaptability. It can be used for the construction of highways around municipal facilities, airports, ports and other important facilities.
    Hydraulic Tamping Machine, adopting unique dynamic tamping technique, is suitable for the operations for road sections and narrow areas , such as bridge and culvert abutment backfill and other parts. It can significantly improve the compactness of backfilled soil and eliminate the quality problems caused by the inconvenience of large-scale compaction machines.
    Bridge Accessories Products include bridge expansion joints , bridge bearings, bridge dampers and so on. Based on internationally advanced technology, " Lu Xing" anti-seismic joints have been developed, which adopt swivel structure and allow three-dimensional movements in transverse, longitudinal and vertical directions. They have become the most popular top products in the market because they can meet the requirements from bridges for various movements. At the same time, we also develop cooperation with foreign companies and have become the American Company Brown TechStar's general agent in China . We try to establish an outstanding base for fabricating and developing bridge accessories.
    Road Machinery Leasing: we have plenty of experiences of it, and our factory is a second-class qualified construction unit for highways. Especially for cement-concrete pavement breakers and on-site cold-recycling machines, the leasing of them is very popular. The amount of operation is in the first place in China.
    We attach much importance to the basic quality management. The enterprise successfully passed the audit of the ISO9001quality management system in 2000. Our factory passed the audit of AAA-grade measurement management system in 2003 and it is an advanced enterprise for the national measurement system. The measuring room is the national second-class unit. Advanced physical and chemical laboratory equipment and high accuracy testing assures the quality of raw materials. The quality files of products is carefully and completely kept so that traceability and improvement is possible.
    Our factory is located in Dezhou City which is adjacent to Jinhang Canal. Dezhou is a JingJin portal and there are JinHu railway, DeShi railway, JinHu high speed railway and JinFu expressway connecting here. So it enjoys obvious transportation advantages. Our factory has an elegant environment and it was named “garden style unit” by DeZhou City.
    Upholding the spirit“ sincerity, innovation, quality ,efficiency ” , we always provide our customers with the best products and services. Our enterprise has won the honors such as “Shandong Famous Brand”, “Top Ten Independent-Innovation Enterprises of Shandong Provincial Machinery Industry”,“ Advanced Enterprise with User Satisfaction” confirmed by China Quality Association,“Advanced Enterprise with Excellence Model in Actualizing Performance”, “Chinese High Quality Top Brand ”confirmed by China Quality Inspection Association, “Industry Famous Brand in the Sixty Years History of China Road Construction Machinery” confirmed by China Construction Machinery Association, “AAA++-grade Enterprise of Quality Credit” confirmed by China Product Quality Association” and so on.



    主营产品:“路星”牌水泥路面破碎机、振动压路机、轮胎压路机、稳定土拌和机、冷再生机、热再生 机、桥梁伸缩缝、桥梁支座

    Address:No.1501 Dongfeng Westerm Road,Dezhou City,Shandong Province       Post Code:253001     
    E-mail:info@sdgljxc.com    Tel:0086-0534-2468540   Fax:0086-:0534-2468788(sales company)


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